Unseatable Objects: Exploring the Boundaries of Functionality

25th April 2023 - 20th May 2023
Boutwell Schabrowsky Gallery presents "Unseatable Objects: Exploring the Boundaries of Functionality," an exhibition that challenges traditional notions of seating furniture and invites visitors to question the role of functionality in design.

In their artistic practice, Soft Facturé (Markus Marshall and Florian Schulz) blur the lines between sculpture and furniture, creating pieces that are both visually striking and conceptually thought-provoking. By collapsing under the weight of the sitter, their pieces force us to consider the limitations of function and the relationship between form and purpose.

The exhibition features a series of objects made from unconventional material combinations, including nylon hair and bristles, that invite visitors to interact with them in unexpected ways. As viewers explore the objects, they are encouraged to contemplate the nature of seating.

At its core, "Unseatable Objects" is a philosophical exploration of the intersection of design and function. Soft Facturé's pieces challenge to think beyond the utilitarian purpose of seating and consider the broader implications or just the opposite of industrial design.

The exhibition is complemented by wall and ceiling sculptures that take up the dynamics of the bristles and transport them into a new context.

A selection of paintings by Melanie Siegel, under the title "Mystery", will be shown alongside "Unseatable Objects". In keeping with the subject of Soft Fracturé's exhibit, Melanie's paintings feature places to sit. Man-made, these seats contrast with the natural world.