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Peter Wüthrich

shortstories and twobooks

23rd May to 1st July, 2023
Books have been Peter Wüthrich's material of choice since the 1990's. In his hands, a book is transformed from an inanimate object into a pictorial orchestration, with references to the content of the books he made use of.

Wüthrich's exhibition, "shortstories & twobooks", will feature works with varying representations.

In his series, "twobooks" (2019-2022), Wüthrich has joined two books together to form a composition of colour. "Literary Portraits" (2017-2022) is a series of drawings depicting the cover titles of books, which are significant in literary history. "Literary Pharmacy" (2022), by contrast, is a display case of vials holding medicine, labelled with authors and titles from world literature. The vials are vessels for the author's concepts and imagination, and thus, in their medicinal context, remedies for the body and spirit.