Susanne Thiemann crosses borders. Coming from an artistic family, she was drawn to craft - the "making of things". She became a basket weaver. As a practising artist for the last 20 years, her craft has given her a platform and a recurring starting point. And so it is only on closer inspection that one discovers that all of her sculptures and objects are woven works that are lovingly detailed.

The material has been an accidental discovery. It is original plastic tubing from the 1960s and 1970s that was used to produce garden chairs and sun lounges. This elastic and smooth material has an enormous significance for Thiemann: it stands for her "Sturm-und-Drang" period and precisely that era, in which revolutionary energy and protest were in the air. A young generation and the new art wanted to change old thought patterns in order to reach new horizons. New materials, new forms of expression and new themes were explored. The transformation was enormous.

This openness and joy of experimentation is still part of Susanne Thiemann's attitude to life and thus of her artistic working process. Chance plays an enormous role in all her works. Thus it is the "hand of gravity" that models curves and bulges. As a result, the works have something immensely pleasurable about them, appearing soft and tactile. You just want to touch them!

Thiemann's works are almost real characters in their own right with a powerful personality. Whether they stand or hang from the ceiling...they are immensely present, occupy the space, are autonomous, stubborn and individualistic. With them, the artist performs a skilful balancing act in which opposites are interwoven in a completely harmonious way: craft and art, sensuality and calculation, grandeur and lightness, organic and artificial, lush and reduced, sensual and conscious. Well, opposites attract. And then there is suspense, and suspense is the opposite of lax and lethargic.

1987 Graduated as „Meister“ at the Berufsfachschule für Korbflechterei Lichtenfels
2003 -2007 International summer academy for Fina Arts, Salzburg

Solo Exhibitions

2020 From Black to Blue, Kieler Kunstverein, Kiel
2019 Malerei und Skulptur, Galerie Marc Richter, Lütjenburg/Kiel
Winding Roots, Mojé Assefjah and Susanne Thiemann, Galerie Nanna Preußners, Hamburg
2018 Bond, Kunstverein Landshut, Landshut
2016 White Rabbit, Kunstverein Celle, Celler Schloß, Celle
Susanne Thiemann und Thomas Weil, Galerie Claudia Weil, Friedberg
Galerie im Kornhauskeller, Kunststiftung Pro Arte, mit Angelika Ecker-Pippig, Ulm
2015 Concurrent Lines, Kleine Stadtgalerie Dachau, with Nina Märkl
2014 Dark.Scape, Stadtgalerie Rosenheim, Rosenheim
Flechtworks, Galerie Dieter Fischer, Dortmund
Torn Page Salon, mit Anne Wodtcke, New York
Stretch, Kunstraum Van Treeck Brigitte Henninger, Munich
2013 Twisted, Artothek Munich, Munich
2012 Moritz Partenheimer &Susanne Thiemann, Galerie Jordanov, Munich
2011 Neue Galerie im Haus Beda, Bitburg, with catalogue
2010 Bonding, Martos Gallery, New York, USA
Skulp, Geraldine Page Salon for the Arts, New York, USA
2009 Entangled, Martos Gallery, New York, USA
2007 Intervention in Weiss, Asamkirche, Munich
Sculptures, Projektraum Galerie Klüser 2, Munich
Skulpturen, Eva Felten, Hittenkirchen-Chiemsee
2006 Toys, Kunstverein Landshut

Group Exhibition (Selection)

2020 Wind, Jahresausstellung GEDOK, Buchheim Museum, Bernried
Götzendämmerung, Künstlerverbund im Haus der Kunst, Munich
2019 Z Common Ground, Projekt in Munich, Kuratoren: Laura Lang, Daniel Man, Loomit
Jahresausstellung GEDOK, Kunstkreis Gräfelfing
Parallel Vienna, Kunstmesse Wien
2018 x-change, group exibition at the German House General, New York (Februar)
x-change, group exhibition, Galerie der Künstler. Munich (Juni)
2017 Faktor X, das Chromosom der Kunst, 3. Biennale im Haus der Kunst, Munich
Group Exhibition, Orangerie, Munich
2016 Der Tod und seine Geheimnisse, Galerie Gedok, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich
Tissue, Rathausgalerie Landshut,
2015 Idol+, Rathausgalerie Munich, Munich
Group Exhibitions, Brigitte Henninger Art, Munich
2014 anybody can have an idea, Museum Ostwall, Dortmund
Idol+, Künstlerhaus Wien, Wien
Beyond the Brillo Box, Galerie Royal, Munich
2013 Kunst-stoff-art, Basement, Wien, Austria
Linien, Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft, Munich
2012 Dialog Thomas Rentmeister und Susanne Thiemann, Museum Ostwall, Dortmund
Habseligkeiten, Archäologische Staatssammlung, Munich
2011 Kunstrausch, 11.RischArt_ Projekt, Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, Munich
Futures, Platform3, Munich
2010 International Studio&Curatorial Program (ISCP), New York, USA
Wir arbeiten, ihr spinnt. Folge1, Haus der Künstler, Kiew, Ukraine
As you like it, Heidi Cho Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2009 Art meets Fashion,, Kat Schütz & Stefanie Staby, Munich
2008 Love, Love, Love, Martos Gallery, New York, USA
ISCP, Open Studios, New York, NY, USA
2007 Eine Gabe ist eine Aufgabe, Sartori & Berger Speicher, Kiel
2006 Forma Corporis, Palais Lichtenstein, Feldkirch, Austria
2005 III. Dimension Skulptur Aktuell, Haus der Kunst, Munich

Private Collection Klüser
Städtische Galerie Rosenheim, Rosenheim, German
Private Collection Rolf Sachs, London
Pro Arte Ulmer Kunststiftung, Ulm, Germany

2014, 2010, 2008 International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), New York