Biography/General: I am a freelance painting conservator and photographer, living and working in Düsseldorf.
I was born in Torun, Poland, where I graduated from the Nicolaus Copernicus University
with MA in Conservation of Oil Paintings and Murals in 1976.
In the next few years I worked at the University as a lecturer in the Department of
In 1983 – my husband and I moved to Düsseldorf, Germany – where I set up my own
Conservation Studio in which I continue working as a painting restorer to this day.
Throughout my working career I have restored a great many Dutch and Flemish paintings
of the 17th century.
This enabled me to study at close hand the techniques and perspective of the Old
Masters. It also gave me a unique opportunity to acquaint myself with their distinctive
management of light and shade, through which they achieved their wonderful precision of
detail in their magical, atmospheric still lives.
This 17th century paintings have later made a tremendous impact on my own, creative,
photographic work.
My interest in photography – dates back to my University years in Poland. But it was not
until 2003, that I devoted much greater deal of my time to photography and started
working as a creative photographer.
I photograph nature and try to emulate the ideas of the Old Masters in the contemporary
language. Armed with macro lenses – I study nature (plants and floral motives) in great
detail, in pursuit of capturing the changes, which they undergo in their continuous
process of growth and dying.
I am trying to uncover the details, which are not visible at frst sight – the hidden depth of
my objects and their transition between the two worlds...
The rest is left to the viewer, who can reflect upon the image and bring his own
interpretation and meaning.